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Anschlussarten HDC

SNAP that idea!
Überzeugen Sie sich von unseren Produkten mit SNAP IN


As fast as a SNAP of your fingers!

With SNAP IN, installation and maintenance work can be performed as quickly as snapping your fingers. The new connection is as simple in principle as it is to use: The stripped conductor is inserted directly into open connection points and the snap connection snaps into place with a click. And it‘s just as fast the other way round. Simply press the pusher and the connection point re-opens immediately.


Your benefits at a glance



Material-saving wiring without tools and time-consuming crimping of wire-end ferrules.


Thanks to the unique "mouse-trap principle", the SNAP IN connection connects in record time.


Security you can hear! A noticeable "click" noise signals a secure connection.



Significant acceleration of installation and maintenance processes through minimized time and material expenditure.


With the innovative SNAP IN connection, fully automated wiring processes can become a reality.


Integrated test point and pusher to open the connection point for convenient maintenance
and rewiring.




Thanks to the unique “mouse-trap principle”, the SNAP IN connection connects in record time.

Simply insert the stripped conductor into the open contact point, with no need for any prior preparation.

The connection spring snaps closed with a noticeable "click", and the conductor is connected.

The conductor can be quickly and easily disconnected at any time by pressing the pusher.


Sichere Verbindungen durch Einstecken – ohne Aderendhülsen


Die neue SNAP IN-Anschlusstechnologie hebt die Verdrahtung schwerer Steckverbinder auf ein neues Level. Ihre Vorteile stellt die innovative Anschlusstechnik erstmalig bei den HDC-HE-Einsätzen der bewährten RockStar®-Serie unter Beweis – exklusiv bei Weidmüller.


SNAP that idea! Our products with SNAP IN technology



RockStar® HDC inserts and modules with SNAP IN

The benefits of the SNAP IN onnection first become clear in the inserts and modules of RockStar® HDC connectors. SNAP IN enables the significant acceleration of installation and maintenance processes in the field: Stripped, flexible, stranded-wire connectors of 0.5 to 2.5 mm² (AWG 20 to 16) are easily inserted in the open connection point.

  • Rated voltage up to 500 V
  • Clamping range: 0.5 to 2.5 mm²
  • Rated current: 16 A (DIN EN 61984)
  • Mating cycles: ≥ 500
  • Fixed-pole RockStar® inserts available with 6, 10, 16 and 24 poles
  • 5-pole modules and particularly narrow IP20 RockStar® ModuPlug modules available

A combination with special strengths

The new one- and three-level RockStar® ModuPlug modules with SNAP IN connection technology open up unimagined possibilities especially for distribution solutions on the otherwise unused inside of the control cabinet. Take the example of motor control in low-voltage switchgear to see for yourself the impressive advantages of this innovative, pluggable solution in the IP20 environment.


RockStar® ModuPlug


The right connection for every application


No matter which type of system you implement for which application—Weidmüller has the right connection for you. If required, we can provide you with inserts with various connection systems and their respective advantages. Now also with the new, future-proof SNAP IN system!

Quick Termination-Anschlusstechnologie

  • Massgebliche Beschleunigung von Installations- und Wartungsprozessen im Feld
  • Werkzeuglos, Material- und Zeitsparend da Aufcrimpen von Aderendhülsen entfällt
  • Abisolierte, flexible, feindrähtige Leiter einfach in offene Anschlussstelle einstecken bis es „Klick“ macht
  • Sichere Verbindung hält starken Erschütterungen und Vibrationen stand
  • Exklusiv bei Weidmüller

PUSH IN-Anschlusstechnologie


SNAP IN connection

  • Significant acceleration of installation and maintenance processes in the field
  • Tool-free - exclusively from Weidmüller
  • Saves material and time, since crimping on of wire end ferrules is unnecessary Insert stripped,
  • Flexible, stranded wire into open connection point until “click” is audible
  • Secure connection that withstands even severe shocks and vibrations reliably

PUSH IN connection

  • Tool-free vibration-resistant and gas-tight connection
  • Stripped solid-core conductor is simply inserted into the terminal point until it butts against the end stop
  • Flexible conductors with crimped wire end ferrules or ultrasonicwelded conductors can be connected without any problems
  • Stainless steel compression spring guarantees high contact force between the conductor and the current bar
  • Spring and conductor stops ensure optimum connection conditions and a guide for the screwdriver to detach the conductor
  • Higher pull-out force than tension clamp system

Crimp connection

  • Wires are fed into a metal sleeve, which is then squeezed together with a special tool
  • Corrosion and vibration proof connection
  • Contacts can be crimped on the conductor outside of the connector and then inserted into the connector

Tension clamp connection

  • Separation of mechanical and electrical functions
  • Low contact resistance and high corrosion resistance
  • Tension spring, made from high-quality rustproof and acid-proof steel, pulls the conductor against the tin-plated copper current bar
  • Resistant to vibrations and high wire pull-out force

Screw connection

  • Gas-tight, vibration-proof connection
  • Excellent contact force
  • Perfectly suited for use in corrosive environments
  • Suited for connecting solid-core and flexible stranded conductors
  • Wire-protection frame ensures that finely-stranded wires will not splice off

Axial srew connection

  • Small space taken up by the contact
  • Extremely easy to use
  • To make up the connection, the tool and conductor are held in a line
  • Three steps for a secure connection: strip the conductor, insert the wire into the contact chamber, screw in the contact